Lee Young Hee Hanbok Fashion Show

By invitation only

Enquiry: admin@festivekorea.com

Lee Young Hee is a renowned Hanbok designer of Korea. She has been on the front line of promoting Hanbok in the global fashion world. She reinterprets Hanbok using Korean traditional fabrics, colors and lines.

The theme of this show is “Four seasons”: Spring emphasized that everything revives in the warm atmosphere, cool and comfortable clothes which are made of natural dyed ramie fabrics are introduced for summer, clear sky in the fall to be imaged by watching an outing of women and warm silk is used for a fabric that makes models who wear the Hanbok shine more than a beautiful snow scene in the winter.

Recognizing harmony with tradition and modernism, also the East and the West, the audience can feel the beauty of Korea.

Presented by:Consulate General of the Republic of Korea in Hong Kong
Supported by:Korea Tourism OrganizationEtude House